Since 2005, Hillsboro Community Youth Choir (HCYC) has been enriching the lives of young people by creating a nurturing, family-like experience of teaching and promoting the joys of singing.

Our choirs are places where all young people with a desire to sing are welcomed and encouraged to participate.

We are the only dedicated youth choir in Washington county. Students from surrounding counties also participate in the program.

Why choose HCYC?

A group of HCYC kids were asked: What does the choir mean to you?

Here are some of their answers:

  • My second home
  • Part of a team
  • Fills me with joy
  • Going on a journey
  • Going to a peaceful world
  • People understand me
  • Makes me feel happy

How do you want your child to feel about choir practice?

It’s more than just a choir

It’s a home. It’s a family of creative, expressive, welcoming people where you feel like you belong. It’s a place where you can go on a journey of song, music and friendship. It’s a time when every week you can feel happy, excited, and glad.

It’s way more than just a choir.

Listen to what others say about HCYC

Listen to video testimonials from present and former students as to why they like HCYC.

Who makes up the HCYC choir?

There are several aspects that go into the making of the choir.

The students

Our students come from Washington, Multnomah and the surrounding counties. They represent over thirty different schools and are in grades K-12.

Home schooled children are a big percentage of our choirs. Home schoolers will find community and people who understand their experiences here.

Music Directors

Our music directors are professional musicians and teachers. Music is not just something they are passionate about. It is a calling.

Learn more about our fantastic music directors here.

Board of Directors

The board consists of a small, dedicated group of volunteers who work behind the scenes to make sure that your child has the best experience possible. Find out more about the Board of Directors here.

An experience that will enrich your child for life

By enrolling and showing up for rehearsals and other events, your child will learn some things that will serve them for life such as:

  • Gaining self confidence
  • Being part of a community
  • Setting goals
  • Developing self discipline
  • Learning about commitments

And the beautiful thing is that once they start coming, they will look forward to it. They may even be the ones reminding you to get ready for rehearsal.

We teach singing too

Since 2005, HCYC has helped teach the youth of Washington and surrounding counties the basics of singing and choral music. Our program is geared to work for beginners through more experienced singers. Every member is schooled in areas that will prepare them to be well rounded singers like:

  • Developing the voice
  • Reading choral music
  • Performing varied music from different times and places
  • Experiencing public performances

Join us

We would love to have your child come sing and grow with us. And for your whole family to join ours.


The Hillsboro Community Youth Choir (HCYC) is a non-profit choir committed to promoting excellence in choral music and is dedicated to enriching the lives of youth by instilling a life-long love of music through performance and education.