Why do people participate in HCYC?

On this page you’ll discover some things about us that are better said by the people who have experienced it from the perspective of being a student, a parent/ family member, supporter or community member.

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Why Savanah likes HCYC

Why Anna & Luke like HCYC

Why Lily likes HCYC

Lena Cakarnis, HCYC Alumna, 9 years in choir

Why Kayla, Jordyn & Evelyn like HCYC

Kayla, Jordyn & Evelyn really like HCYC!

Why Ellie likes HCYC

Why Owen likes HCYC

Why Colin Likes HCYC

Why Julian Likes HCYC

Why Mitchel Likes HCYC

  • I joined HCYC because I love music.  My favorite thing about the choir is singing together and having fun.  When people ask me about HCYC, I tell them that it’s super fun and that they should sign up or come to one of our concerts.

    Jaime J. Singer Student
  • My favorite thing about HCYC is the people!  The rehearsals are really fun, and a lot of my friends are there too!  When people ask me, “Are you in a choir?” I say “Yes, I’m in a really awesome choir called the Hillsboro Community Youth Choir!” This is truly a great choir and if you or anyone you know is interested, PLEASE JOIN!  Then, get ready for the time of your life!

    Alexi B. Singer Student
  • We can definitely feel that there is nothing but positive energy coming from our daughter participating in weekly rehearsals –  the way these rehearsals are conducted, new songs to learn, fulfilling desire to sing in a group and to look forward for a concerts.  Emily, the Prelude One teacher, is prompt in communications, friendly to parents and children, and also is able to get children to follow her directions, making rehearsals productive.

    Leona W. Singer Parent