Reading the different pages of the ‘About’ section is a great way to get to know us,  understand what makes us tick and know where we’re coming from. Had enough cliches? Then keep reading.

Find out all about us

Why Choose HCYC? – Find out why we sing and look sharp, how we fulfill our mission, and what sets us apart. If you really want we’ll sing it to you in 4-part harmony while being accompanied by an orchestra of kazoos.

Music Directors and Accompanist – These are the people that make the whole program work. They teach, they direct, they cheer on, they guide, and without them the program would be lost. We love our music staff. They’re the best!

Board of Directors – The board members are the little mice running around behind the scenes making sure everyone is taken care of and all the details get done.

History – Our history page will tell you about how we got started and also has highlights from past concert seasons.

Testimonials – Why listen to us toot our own (French) horn, when someone else can do it for us?